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Rod Stuart: Have You Ever Seen the Rain?


Been have you ever seen
can’t stop ‘ll rain
Coming down ‘s been coming
 goes told

Someone __________me long ago

There’s a calm before the storm,

I know; it ___________________for some time.

When it’s over, so they say

It_______ a sunny day,

I know; shining down like water.

I want to know, ___________________________the rain?

I want to know, ___________________________the rain

______________________________on a sunny day?

Yesterday, and days before,

Sun is cold and rain is hard,

I know; ______________________that way for all my time.

‘Til forever, on it ______________________________

Through the circle, fast and slow,

I know; it_________________________, I wonder.

I want to know_________________________ the rain?

I want to know, ________________________the rain

Coming down on a sunny day?



Have You Ever Seen The Rain? lyrics © THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY



Conversation questions

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DESCRIBE THE VIDEO (place, time, characters, what they are doing)- 1

  1. Vamos a visionar el vídeo del siguiente enlace.

2. Abrimos Vocaroo. Lo grabamos y, cuando estemos satisfechos, guardamos nuestra grabación en mp3.

3. Podemos editarla para mejorar el sonido, o cortarla si es muy larga (Audacity).

4. La subiremos al foro de voz de la clase, para que la supervise nuestra profesora. No usaremos nuestro nombre, sólo el número de clase.

5. Finalmente haremos una entrada en nuestro blog (portafolio) y subiremos la grabación con el enlace al vídeo.




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Scratch: a programming language for everyone. Create interactive stories, games, music and art – and share them online.


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Useful Learning tools: Text to speech


Write your text and let the reader read it in English, French, German, Italian or Arabic. Good idea to prepare your presentations or listening comprehension. You can also get an audio mp3 file with the reading. Click on the image to go to the site.