Básico 2

This will be the meting point for my students at BÁSICO 2 level ( equivalent to A2 of the European Framework).

You can go to the following information from this page:

If you need to contact me, leave me  a message through the blog (go to Cont@act).

5 responses to “Básico 2

  1. Julio Rodriguez

    Hi Angeles,

    My name’s Julio Rodriguez. My father is julio and my Grandfather was Julio too. I’m from Orense in the north-west of Spain. When I was a child I lived in Verin, a small town in the south of Orense. After that I went to study to Santiago. Now I’m living in Santander where I’m working.

    My fysical appearence in more or less: I’m medium-height, slim ; I have dark complexion with straight very short dark hair. My eyes are green and brown. I’m wearing glasses.

    I think I’m shy and quiet. I don’t like talk too much.

    In my free time I like watching film in my house on the sofa with a beer. I like reading a books , doing exercise,going out with friends.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi teacher!
    My name is Elsa, I was born in Berlin but I live all my life in Santander.
    I´m medium height and slim, I have a dark complexion, I have straight long dark hair. I have black eyes. I´m an open person, friendly and very funny,
    I work in a hospital, I´m a nurse and I like my job, usually I work in the mornings.
    I´m married with Paul, he is the best man in the wordl, jejeje because he is a lovely person. We have two children, they are two and four years old. I love my family.
    In my free time I like playing tennis, running, swiming in the sea, etc, I Iike the sport a lot of, I´m a sportive person, and I like going out wiht my friends too.
    Well, that´s all, and see you in class.
    Bye Elsa

  3. I am looking for people to share a flat.

    I am a student of English. I am looking for flat cheap, near centre city and university and I would like a big flat so each one has his room.
    I am 30 years old and I would like people of similar age.
    I like people who are tidy and hardworking.
    I prefer people who are extrovert and funny.
    I would like girls instead of boys, and that we will be four persons like much.

    I do not like people who are very talkative and nervous.
    Do not call who smoke.


    Maria Jesus Trespalacios Lopez (18:45:18) :

    Hi, Angeles.
    My name´s Maria Jesús. I´m Spanish. I´m forty-two years old.
    I´m married and I have two daughtes, They have eighteen and eleven.
    I work in a school of special education, in my free time I study Engish and language of sings.
    I´m going to tell you about myself. I have short and curly hair, now it´s coppery but I often like dyeing it.
    My eyes are blue . I wear classes.I have a big nose.
    I think I´m a positive person. I´m very timid and stubborn.
    Best wishes
    Maria Jesús

  5. Hi!! I´m Rebeca and I´m looking for people to share a flat.
    I´m twenty-seven and although I look a serious person I´m very friendly and talkative really.
    I´d like people open, funny, hard-working and with a sense of humour. I´d like people who are a similar age, too.
    People lazy or untidy don´t call, please.
    It´s not very important the sex or appearance.
    If you have these qualities, call me. My telephone number is 666.555.555

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