Notice board “Básico 2”


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There are four parts in the exam: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and oral exam.

  • For the listening comprehension, you will have to answer some questions about a conversation or a person speaking alone. There are different type of questions:  Multiple Choice Questions (a,b,or c); True/False; Answering short questions; Completing missing information in sentences or charts.

You can do some Listening practice using the webs selected for this course. Check the links under Básico 2 in this blog. You can also use this direct link

  • For the Writing part you will have to write a letter or e-mail and a school composition, like a short article, a description or a short story.

You will have to write about one of the topics we have done during the course: description of people and photographs, personal information, holidays, dreams, clothes and shopping, your school, your house, town and neighbourhood.

  • For the Reading Comprehension, you will have to read two or three texts and answer some questions of the following type: Multiple Choice; True/False; Short Answers; Matching headings or questions to paragraphs.


  • Remember to review all the basic vocabulary, grammar points and verb forms (present simple and continuous, past simple and continuous, future simple, conditional, modal verbs (can, could, may, might, have to, must, should, ought to). Remember to have a revision on first and second conditionals, they are not included in the programme but they are useful for your compositions.
  • In the written part try to organise your ideas in paragraphs and use the vocabulary and expressions we have been practising in the lessons.
  • For the oral exam you will have to do a monologue and a dialogue about the same topics. Check the page in this blog for speaking practice.

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  1. Javier Santamaria

    Me gustaria saber si este jueves 18 hay clase normal o hay examenes.
    un saludo javier

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