Test yourself Básico 2

The following sites offer you extra games and quizzes to check your command on several  aspects  covered by our syllabus.

Quizzes are funny and entertaining and they help you improve  your English. Why don’t you give it a try?

2 responses to “Test yourself Básico 2

  1. Juan Javier Trueba Botello

    Hello Angeles,
    My name´s Juan Javier but I prefer that you call me Juan. I´m 16 years old and I study sixth form in High School La Albericia. I borned in Santander. My mother´s name is Mary, she´s Colombian although she has been here twenty years.
    I´m going to tell you about myself. I have short, black hair and brown eyes. I´m not very tall, I am thin and I have a lot of moles.
    I think I´m a good and positive person. I´m not very crazy but I am cheerfull, talkative. I like be friendly and I am responsible.
    I love surfing and football. I play tennis, I swimming… . I don´t like a lot of to play with the computer. I am listening music all day, I like English´s music, Estopa, Juanes, rap et cetera.

    Please write and tell me about you and your life.


  2. natalia santamaria montero

    Hello Angeles,
    My name is Natalia, I´m 16 years old and i study 2 bachiller from high school in Pereda, last year I studied in Mercedarias School.
    I leave in Santander with my parenths and my sister…She is 12 years old and is name is Paula, she study in Mercedarias School and she plays the guitar.
    Now i am going to tell you about my self…
    I´m a normal girl, i have browm long hair and brown ayes, I am tall and thing, i am not very sportive.
    My character is good, i am talkative and a good person but i am very sensible and I cry a lot.
    I ´m not very responsable but…if i must do something i do.
    In my free time i go out with my friends and go shoopings, I love shoes and when i have money I bring it, also i like surfing the net.
    In summer I like go to the beach and I go sportive camp and i meet a lot of friends, last year I was in Zamora.
    I don´t practice any sport but sometimes I run with two friends.

    Please write me.


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