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  1. Dear Ángeles:
    My name is Rosa and my surname is Campo. I´m from Santander, but now I live in Muriedas, It´s a town next to Santander. I´m a Maths teacher. I work at Alisal High School. It is in San Román.
    I´m going to tell you about myself. I´m of medium height and I´m fit. I have a very pale skin. I have got big, green eyes and a small nose. I´ve got short, brown hair. I´m friendly and hard-working. I´m very nervous and a coward too.
    In my free time, I like dancing, going out with my friends and I like going to the cinema too. I study English because it´s very important for my job and for travelling. I started learning English when I went to High School twenty years ago.
    I must say goodbye now.
    Rosa Group1.

  2. Soledad Blanco

    Dear Mrs Hernández,

    My name´s Soledad Blanco but my family and my friends call me Marisol.
    I´m Spanish, I´m from Cantabria and I live in Santander next to the University.
    I´m a teacher of Vocational Training at a secundary school in Torrelavega. I work at personal image department. I teach cosmetology and anatomy, physiology and pathology to students of hairdressing and beauty.
    I´m married. I have two children, a boy and a girl. We live in a flat.
    About my character, I think I´m hard-working, serious, responsible and tidy, but sometimes I look aggressive when I speak.
    About my physical appearance I´m one metre fifty, I´m middle weight. I have short dark hair, I have dark complexion, I have quite small feet, I have grey eyes and I wear glasses because I hate wearing contact lenses.
    I like reading. I enjoy reading mistery and detectiv books. I like walking, swimming and riding a bicycle.
    I started learning English six years ago, but the last three years I`ve spent them doing other things.
    I want to learn English because it´s a scientific language, it´s the language of computer and I can´t understand publicity spots, machine instructions. I think English is everywhere.


  3. Rosa Domínguez, grupo 2

    Dear Ángeles,

    My name is Rosa. I was born in Valladolid but now I live in Santander. I’m single and I live alone, well with my two cats and sometimes with my boyfriend. I have got a brother who lives in Valladolid as well as my parents.
    I studied astrophysics in Tenerife, I’m astronomer. Now I work at Observatorio Astronómico de Cantanbria. It’s placed near Polientes but I usually work in Santander at the University. Only some weekends I have to go to Polientes to work.
    I started studying English ten year ago but not continuously. I don’t like languages, but I need English for my work, so it’s very important for me to learn it.
    I’m a positive person. I’m hard-working and polite but sometimes I’m a littles bit aggressive. I’m smiling too. I have short hair and it’s dark. I’m a bit fat and my complexion is fair but not pale. I have freckles too.
    In my free time I like doing sports but my hobby are animals. I try to help them every time. I like cinema a lot, I try to go once a week.



    • angeleshernandez

      Dear Rosa, This is a good piece of writing. Well done. I think you can improve it a lttle if you do the corrections we were talking about in the class.

  4. Dear Mrs. M. Angeles,

    My name is Cristina and I´m 41 years old. I´m from Las Palmas. I¨ve been living in Santander, really in Muriedas for nine years.
    I´m not married but I live with my boyfriend and his son (the boy is 24 years old )but he still lives with us. We are living at my boyfriend´s house (my house is in Las Palmas and my sister is living there now). It´s a very big house and It has a beautiful garden with fruit trees and a lot of flowers although muy dog likes walking over them.
    I´m working for Telefonica but I studied History. I like working there because I only work in the morning and I have free time in the afternoon.
    I´m studing English because I like the trips, I love the trips. I was in Jordam 3 weeks ago. It´s a wonderful and amazing country. The people are very kind and friendly. If you can You should visit them.
    I¨m going to tell you about myself. I have short dark hair and small, black eyes, middle height and maybe a bit fat but It´s not a problem for me. I always dress in black.
    I think I´m a very positive person an very impetuous. I´m clever, kind and smiling. I think I´m a bit lazy but if I have a job I´m very responsible . I think I´m untidy too.

    • angeleshernandez

      Dear Cristina. This is a very nice piece of work. Well done! However it would be good that you changed the few things we were speaking about in the class. Thank you. Ángeles

  5. Lilia Solonaru

    Dear teacher,
    I’m going to tell you about myself.
    My name is Lilia Solonaru, it’s an Moldavian name. I was born in Moldavia, but now I live in Santander with my husband and my children: a daughter and a son. I’m 31 years old. I’m a biologist. I studied at the State University of Moldova.
    The last year was the first year for mi when I get started studi English. Now I also go to English classes on Tuesday and thursday afternoon. There most people known this idiom better mi.
    But I think I’m an
    hard-working adn I’m going to study a lot. I’m friendly, an honest person, sometimes I’m shy and sensitive.
    I like cooking, reading love books, surfing the net. In summer I like to spend my free time on the beach and swiming to
    .I don’t practise any sport but sometimes I run.
    About my phisical appearance: I midle one metre sixtyfour, I hav a long, blond hair and a big, grey eyes. At the moment that’s all.
    About my phisical appearance: I
    hav long, blond hair and big, grey eyes, I midle one metre sixtyfour

    • angeleshernandez

      Hi Lilia
      Well done! This is a good piece of writing. Here you can see a few things you should correct:
      (1) “Last”, not “the last” refers to one before the present one: last week, last month, last year, etc.
      (2) Paraphrase: “last year was the firt time that I started learning English” or “I started learning English for the first time a year ago”.
      (3) The days of the week are always written with capital letters.
      (4) “too”= también
      (5) Mido un 1m 64 = I am 1.64m tall.
      (6) I have long blod hair
      (7) I have big, grey eyes.
      (8) That’s all for the time being

  6. Borja Sánchez

    Dear Angeles,
    My name is Borja Sánchez, I live in Santander. I’m the youngest of four brothers and a sister, my parents come from Santander but my father’s mother was born in Gijón.
    I studied at the University of Oviedo, I’m a computer engineer and now I work for the local government. I studied English at school but I don’t remember very much because I don’t practise. I started studying English last year again. I did the Monographic Course for Basic Level at the EOI Santander. I’m interested in English because I like travelling very much and I think I’ll need it for my work in the future.
    I have short dark hair and brown eyes. I have a beard and I have a fair complexion. I wear glasses for reading.
    I think I’m shy, polite and serious. I’m very careful, meticulous and tidy, a bit picky.
    In my free time I like walking and going to the gym and the swimming pool. I like cooking and dancing. I love travelling. I went to London and Barcelona last holidays.

  7. Javier Santamaria

    My name is Javier, I am fifty years old. I am doctor and i’m working with drug-addicts. My work is difficult but is very interesting because i like dealing with people. I’ve been working for fifteen year.
    I am married and I have three children who are between 15 and 25.
    I am medium height although I am a bit owerweight. I live in Santander, I like living here because my life is pleasant, there are not big distances and natural spaces, beaches and mountains are nearby.
    When I was child I studied French and English is my unresolved subject, but it is difficult for me. I read journals and articles but I don’t know anything.
    I do sport because it is healthy and funny, i like bicycle and trekking on the mountain.

    • angeleshernandez

      Hi Javier,
      This letter is nice. I think it could be improved a little. You should ask your teacher how to. Thank you,

  8. Alfonso Sánchez

    Dear Mrs. Angeles:
    My name is Alfonso. I am 46 years old. I live in Santander with my girlfriend. I am from Santander. I am a clerk, but now I am working as a safety watchman for Securitas. I am single. I have two children, a son and a daughter.
    I am studying English because I like to speak with people of other countries when I travel.
    I started to learn English in 1998. I studied for 1 year only and I stopped. I started again last year.
    I think I am talkative, polite, careful, sensitive, friendly, serious, tidy, smailing and a cheerful person.
    I am a middle height. I am slim. I have short dark with some white hair. I have a dark complexion.
    In my free time I love reading and watching films, but I don´t have much free time, because I work and study.

  9. Alfonso Sánchez

    Dear Mrs. Angeles,
    My name is Alfonso. I am 46 years old. I live in Santander with my girlfriend. I am from Santander. I am a clerk, but now I am working as a safety watchman for Securitas. I am single. I have two children, a son and a daughter.
    I am studying English because I like to speak with people of other countries when I travel.
    I started to learn English in 1998. I studied for 1 year only and I stopped. I started again last year.
    I think I am talkative, polite, careful, sensitive, friendly, serious, tidy, smailing and a cheerful person.
    I am of middle height. I am slim. I have short dark with some white hair. I have a dark complexion.
    In my free time I love reading and watching films, but I don´t have much free time, because I work and study.

  10. Aurelia Puente Mazón

    My last holiday
    I went to Ireland in September. I stayed there for two weeks. I went for two things.The first I wanted to know Dublin, the second, I wanted to check if I was able to understand the people speaking English, That’s why I went to a school to learn a little English too, and there I could speak to a lot of people of the world.
    I stayed in a family -house. They were married and had a daughter of three. The woman cooked very delicious food for dinner and I spoke a lot with her every night.
    I also visited some pretty villages and in the city I went walking along many streets, I visited museums, ate in in delicious retaurants and saw beautiful shops.

  11. Isabel Martínez Mancebo

    Dear Angeles!
    My name is Isabel Martínez Mancebo.
    I´m from Bevente, Zamora but I’m living in Santander for work.
    I´m a teacher. I work al Bezana elementary school.
    I´m single but I live with my boyfriend in a flat in the city center.
    I think I´m sensitive, smiling, nice, polite, absent-minded and antidy.
    I have long and blond hair, a small nose, green eyes and fair complexion. I,m of middle-height.
    I study English because I love travelling. I started learning English one year ago.



  12. Francisco Parra

    My name is Francisco and I´m going to talk about a birthday card which was given to me by my aunt as a present.
    I didn´t remember very well the time that I´ve had the birthday card but I think it when I was nine or ten. She bought it while she was in Barcelona with my uncle and cousins. The birthday card is very peculiar because a dog is painted and when you open it the, a birthday song starts and the letters of FELICIDADES are bubbles which switch on.
    When I open the birthday card I always laugh and when I show it to someone else he starts laughing too.

  13. Rafa Manzano

    hello Angeles,

    I´m Rafa, who sometimes you call Raúl wrongly, and I send you my composition by e-mail because next thursday I won´t be able to attend to the school, so could you please be so kind to correct it, many thanks.


    First of all, I have to tell that I hate to go gping shopping, the main reason is that I usually find it very stressfull, above everything if I need to buy many things.

    For example, one of my worst moment for me every year is when I have to go shopping in order to buy the Cristmas presents, because the shops are usually crowded, and all the people drive crazy looking for the perfect gift for each one of their family, so what I try is to buy everything whatthat I need quickly and leave as soon as posible.

    Somehow also I think that another reason because I don´t like to go going shopping is that everything is very expensive and I prefer to save my money in order to spend it, travelling or doing other kind of things.

    However to go shopping is something necesary and all of us need it, so if I have to go, I prefer to go alone because I buy much more quietly that than if I go with my wife or my mother, they drive me nervous because they are always in a hurry.

    Finally there is something that bothers me quite a lot, it is when I´m looking for among the clothes, and suddenly the shop asistant comes towards me and he ask me very politely, “ can I help you?”, what I usually do in at that moment is leave the shoop soon.

    And these are some of the things that I think about shopping, and now I have to go because I´m going to the corner shop in order to buy food for dinner.


  14. 8- Describe TU CIUDAD (25.03.2010)

    Hello, I´m an English student. I live in Santander, which is a city on the coast in the north of Spain. It has a population of 200.000 people and it isn´t the biggest city in Spain.
    It´s a beautiful city, and it has a wonderful area called Paseo de Pereda for walk where there are a lot of outdoor bars. People go there every afternoon to sit in, drink coffee and watch the Cantabrico Sea. There are lots of narrow streets, and churches.
    The weather here is very different from the south of Spain. The winter can be very wet, and it sometimes rain for days. The summer is wonderful –it´s sunny but not usually too hot, and it´s great for going to the mountains or going to the beach.
    Santander is famous for the beaches, they are the most tourist attraction, there is a Cathedral, several museums, and a beautiful bahía where lots of tourists go on boat trips. There is a festival in July called FIS and a lot of fireworks in summer.
    I like living here because is a quiet place.

  15. 9-Describe TU DIETA (25.03.2010)

    I´m going to talk about my diet. I´m a man of 46 years old. I´m slim and not very tall. My weight is between 61 and 63 kilos, it´s depends ofon dethe stationseason of de year. I think I am it is a standard weight.
    I usually eat three times a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I often do exercise, I like ride inriding a bicycle and footing.
    I normally try eatingto eat all kinds of foods; vegetables, meat, fish, paste, rice, milk, fruit, etc.
    For example, a normal day I get up at 5 o´clock in the morning and prepare my breakfast with hot milk and coffee and some cookies or a piece of cake.
    Since breakfast until lunch, I have anything except water or sometimes another coffee.
    At lunch time, I usually eat only a first course and a dessert. It depends ofon the season of the year.
    Between lunch and dinner, I usually have water or coffee again. At dinner time I eat a one first course and a dessert again.

    But inon specials days I have lunch or dinner in restaurants and then I eat too much because I eat a first course, a second course and a dessert. Or other days I have beers or other drinks with my friends and several kinds of food, like “pinchos”.
    My favorite foods is are salads -with tomatoes, olives and onion, and beef meat and lamb meat –like beef steak, and food –like sea bass, codfish or shrimps, red peppers, spaghetti, rice, pulses –like beans, lentils.
    I have fish at least twice a week. I don´t like very spicy foods.

  16. Aurelia Puente Mazón

    Those are the most beautiful memories of meals I have of my trips around of the world. My first meal was

    in Vienna, game, escalope and Mozart chocolates, after in London stuffed turkey, and Indian meat and

    bread, in Oxford chicken pie, in Windsor exquisite chocolate cake, salad and fried potatoes in Prague. In

    Buenos Aires I had grilled cow meat and sweet of milk, roast rabbit and lamb in Rieti, the most delicious

    chocolate ice cream in the world in Perugia, stuffed chicken in Brescia, the better pizza in Bergamo, a

    bit of fruit tart and tiramisu in Roma; in N.Y. a delicious chocolate cake, in N.J. stew beef with potatoes

    puree, delicious sandwiches in N.J. and Atlantic City, and my first Japanese and exquisite meal in

    Arlington, also there I had dinner in a Luisiana restaurant; in Paris a delicious steak and rabbit with

    mushrooms and small onions, I didn’t eat it in Maxin’s, “of course”; I ate delicious fish in Moscow and

    a typical Russian soup in San Petersburg too, but the most exquisite in this trip to Russia was a dish of

    typical Armenian meat in my friends Gagik and Larisa’s house in Moscow. Also last year I was in

    Ireland in a family-house and Linda cooked delicious dishes for dinner every evening and in the Dublin

    Castle there is a delicious chocolate cake.

    That is the most exquisite kind of food, I’m going to remember forever.

    Aurelia Puente Mazón

  17. Dear Mª Angeles,
    My name is Alfonso. I’m writting you for talking about my last exam. I passed it. I want to thank you for your help and interest. I’m thinking of go to Edimburgo for studying a bit during one or two weeks, probably in August, so if you would have some information about it, I would be very grateful.