Listening and reading tasks: October


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During the month of October, you need to do the following units for self asses and listening comprehension practice:

  1. Lesson1- Formal and informal greetings.
  2. Lesson 2- Where are you from?
  3. Lesson 3- The alphabet
  4. Lesson 8b- Cardinal numbers
  5. Lesson 5- What nationality are you

One response to “Listening and reading tasks: October

  1. Hi teacher!
    My name’s Jane, I’m from Brazil but now I’m living in Santander, a city in the north of Spain.
    I live with my husband and my two daughters .I studied Letras at San Francisco University in Sao Paulo and now I’m studing English because I like to learn languages.
    I’m going to tell you about myself.I have blond hair, brown eyes and I’m not so tall.
    I’m quite extrovert and frendly.My husband says I’m always zen.
    In my free time I love painting and doing sports.I don’t have much free time because I have to much things to do.

    Best wishes,
    Jane Marques

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