ISTE’s Web site,, provides possibilities for ICT integration in the curriculum. ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) is in fact an organization which leads through presenting innovative educational technology books and programs, conducting professional development workshops, forums, and symposia; and researching, evaluating, and disseminating findings regarding educational technology on an international level. The site contains coverage of many topics relevant to the educational technology community.

Shambles is also a useful website designed to support the international school communities (teachers, support staff, administrators, students and families) in 17 countries in South East Asia. Lots of schools worldwide are now finding Shambles a useful resource. Its mission is to help with the needs of the education community whether they are teaching and learning, administration, revision, examination boards, jobs, or just help with assignments. Today it has become a powerful tool to search for It websites that have been recommended and approved by teachers. It actually contains a database of over 25,000 education webs. Interesting for CALLing purposes is the ICT in the classroom page.

In Europe a good reference site with a great deal of research and information on curriculum integration of ICT is BECTA. Becta is the British Government’s lead partner for the development and delivery of information and communications technology (ICT) and e-learning strategy for the schools and the learning and skills sectors. Its mission is to deliver educational excellence for all by supplying leadership in the innovative and effective use of ICT. They aim to positively influence strategic direction and policies relating to the use of technology in education. They are continuing to develop and share our understanding of the ways in which technology can help to transform education, challenge assumptions and act as a catalyst for change.


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