The teacher, the explorer and the most useful tech tools

Most teachers have grown at a time of no technology. We were instructed in the most traditional methods, including the grammar translation or the audiolungual methods. In order to introduce technology in your lessons, most expersts agree that there should be a shift to new conceptions of methodological arrangement and introduce certain changes in the roles of teachers and students. But above all, the teacher must also get the spirit of the explorer to take advantage of this ongoing technological change and fast developing market. To help us, teachers, with this issue there are places where we can feel in shallow waters. One of them is The Centre for Learning and Performance technologies, where you can get a good map of useful tools you can use for teching and learning purposes. This is the site where they have the Top 100 tools  that you may have heard about. Besides this updated list  voted by the teachers themselves as the most useful on the WWW, there are also some guiding courses to show you how to use them. If you want to keep up to date with emerging tools and technologies, then read Jane Hart, the Head of the Centre. She makes a short daily posting highlighting a new tool or resource of e-learning interest in her blog, Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day

Angeles Hernandez- Computer Assisted Language Learning – Theoretical backup and practical issues

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