I’d like to begin a series of posts to review some educational sites which I consider good resources for EFL teachers and students alike.

The first site I will mention has been developed for native speakers of English, but it might  well workfor EFL teachers and students, as far as they make a good choice of  places to visit and consider integrating their practice into their own curriculum. It is FUNBRAIN.COM. There are a few pages with some quizzes or rules for language practice which could as well work with students whose mother tongue is not English. Check these interesting sections and have fun while you learn:

One response to “EFL WEB EXPLORER (1)

  1. Hi Angeles,
    It looks like you have good list of resources for EFL. italki has also compiled a list of resources for English-learners here: http://www.italki.com/resources/1/learn_english_in_english.htm
    Your students can also practice with native English-speakers via italki, so you might want to consider adding it under your section “Communities of Practice.”
    Muchas Gracias!

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