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An excellent site with videos to do listening comprehension practice is Video Jug. Life explained on film.

It is an amazing site with all kind of How-to’s videos. The videos are good practice for any kind of sudents, with the exception of absolute beginners. Besides, the films are wonderfully edited and you can get their script. They don’t speak fast and the videos cover all kind of everyday activities.

For all these reasons it is a good resource both for students and for teachers to use in class. They may be used with the projector. You can get the script before the class and make some adjustments for a listening comprehension practice which you can make into a printout.

The videos on food are an excellent resource for vocabulary and describing process.

I strongly recommend to see and use these videos.

Angeles Hernandez
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Santander
CALL and ICT Language Learning


One of the most important problems which stop teachers using ICT for the English class is the lack of first-class materials to be used for group or individual work.  Cambridgeenglishonline is a site where you can contact your own designers to produce the materials your curriculum requires. You can get some good examples of their work on their web The British Council is one of their clients.

Angeles Hernandez Polanco
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Santander


Just a good site to teach or learn pronunciation. Phonetics Focus is a wonderland for phonetic practice: games, flashcards, charts, etc.


Nik Peachey is a technology consultant, trainer, writer and instructional designer. He has just edited this video presentation on the educational possibilities of web 2.0 for language use.


Today I will comment on one of this comprehensive sites you can go to whenever you look for something new to learn. was opened in 2002 and is written by a group of teachers. The reference section includes a good glossary of idioms, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs and grammar terms.  

Students includes tests and polls and articles on English usage. At the English ESL forum, they answer your questions about English usage.

Testing is a good source for English tests and quizzes, questions bank and selected online tests.


Teachers is a good section with articles on teaching uses and resources written by other ESL teachers.


This week we will have a look at It is a tool originally designed to help people solve word games. It might also work well with the average language class to do some vocabulary and spelling practice. There are a couple of games, especially interesting to work with pre-intermediate or intermediate students:

  • If you use Words in a Word you will have three minutes to find all the words contained in a word given.
  • With Word Morph you must change one letter in a setting word to form a new one, then you have to repeat the same process until you spell the ending word.


LISTENING COMPREHENSION. A web classification for the practice of Listening comprehension for Intermediate to advanced students

37 selected sites to practice listening comprehension

The following websites have been selected for their good language quality and we  have classified them according to any of the following categories. As this is a blog entry, the update of this classification will be posted at the permanent page Improve your listening in my blog:

(1) News services
(2) Language Laboratories
(3) Teachers’ webs
(4) Organisations, both private or public

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