Language Learning and Technology has delivered a special issue on Technology and Learning to write (Vol. 12 n. 2, June 2008).

The articles deal with the influence of Corpus Technology on L2 Academic writing , asynchronous forums in EAP, raising students’ awareness of cross-cultural contrastive rhetoric via an e-Learning course and pedagogical practices and perceived learning effectiveness in EFL writing classes.

As usual, there is an interesting article on emerging technologies related to the topic covered by this special issue, writing. Goldwin Jones points at some technologies which enable students to keep track of their own writing and build a language portfolio.

The software review focus on netTrekker d. i., Thinkronize, Inc., while the book review is on A Practical Guide to Using Technology in Langage Teaching by John de Szendeffy.

You can download it from their site at

Angeles Hernandez
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Santander
CALL and ICT Language Learning Theoretical backup and class use
Towards curricular integration of ICT in the Foreign Language class

One response to “LANGUAGE LEARNING AND TECHNOLOGY: Special issue on writing

  1. Thanks for this useful site! I’m glad that LLT is a digital journal. In the information age, it only makes sense for researchers/academics to go online with the rest of the world. However, I’m always surprised to find that most electronic journals are remarkably similar to paper journals. Electronic journals have hotlinks and screenshots, but there is a surprising lack of multimedia files, compelling visuals, or interactivity. It seems that academia (even ed tech folks) are not yet harnessing the affordances of the Internet.

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