Podcasts for listening comprehension

Today there are a few webs where you can find podcasts to get familiarised with the English language as a student.

Some of them have free access to all the podcasts and exercises. Some others charge a fee, but you can get extra materials and resources togeteher with each podcast. There are all these news sites where you can get podcasts made for a general audience, which are suitable for more advanced students such as news programmes, reports, weather forecasts, etc.

The most problematic aspect for a language teacher is to find webs with a good assortment of podcasts with a script. Scrpts allow them to prepare exercises easily and adapt the students’ listening practice to their own class necessities.

Many Europeans are used to the British accent and there are many American podcasts. Having podcasts with different aspects is good in my opinion, since the students should get used to all kind of foreign accent. However, beginners or elementary students rfind it difficult to get adpated to accents they don’t usually use in the Foreign Language class.

There is a list of Listening sites in this blog.  It includes all kind of places where you can get podcasts for your students of English. The list should be updated to each one’s needs, but it still works. Click here to get it.

One response to “Podcasts for listening comprehension

  1. Thanks
    I think using podcasts is a good way to improve my English.
    I’d be grateful if you tell me how could I get the text of a podcast program 🙂

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