This page was especially written for new-commers to Computer Assisted Language Learning or CALL.

CALL stands for Computer Assisted Language Learning. Linguists and pedagogists have been covering this area of research and Language Learning practice since the 60’s. Some academic experts on the area are: Carole Chappelle, Phil Hubbard, Mark Warschauer, Graham Davies or Vance Stevens

There are some academic journals which publish regularly on CALLing issues such  as Language Learning & Technology or CALL-EJ Online, TESL-EJ Master Page with free access online or The IALLT Journal, ReCALL, Computer Assisted Language Learning, System , Apprentissage des Langues et Systèmes d’ Information et de Communication (ALSIC).

Some of the most important experts mentioned above have written courses or coordinated projects which can be accessed on Internet like Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers (ICT4Lt project) or An invitation to CALL.

It is also interesting to visit those sites of the associations which have gathered together the expertise of Call users and researchers for years: EUROCALL, WorldCALL or CALICO: Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium

Other language teachers’ associations like TESOL have developed special interest groups on this class or e-learning language practice.

Today, as Internet grows, many practicioners join Communities of practice to interact and experience the new tools, some of which I have mentioned in my entries

In Spanish the usual term to refer to CALL is ELAO (Enseñanza de la lengua asistida por ordenador). Some people who have written dissertations on this field of knowledge are: Isabel Pérez, Rafael Seiz, Ana Gimeno, Germán Ruipérez, José Carlos García Cabrero.

Every year there are special events which are important to get informed about the most important issues. You can look into my blog entries to find out.


2 responses to “5. CALL REFERENCE

  1. Hi Angeles. I wanted to thank you for all the information you are sharing with us. I am currently writing my thesis on the use of Moodle as a form of blended learning to prepare for PAU English exams, so anything on CALL is extremely useful for me.

    Are you going to the TESOL conference in Sevilla, by any chance?
    Kind regards,

  2. Nahid soltaniyan

    hello I hope that every thing is fine with you. I’m a student in semnan university. this semester I must prepare my thesis. my title is investigating the effects of computer-aided procedures on reading comprehension of students. I lack materials on reading comprehension and call. please help me in this regard. thanks apriori

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