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EVO 09

Only a quick post to say that EVO sessions have already started. 

As usually, they come with plenty of food for thought. However suggesting all the issues are , it is impossible to follow them simultaneously. Here I leave the list of sessions for those who might be interested in catching up:

Becoming a Webhead
This is a hands-on workshop where participants explore Web 2.0 tools and share the best ways of using them in their teaching practices.

Blog-based Lesson & e-Portfolios


Collaborative Writing
 In this session, the most popular computer-mediated communication tools for collaborative writing, blogs and wikis, will be introduced and some activities with word processors will be carried out. Discussions and exchanging of points of view will be provided by WiZiQ sessions in this comprehensive workshop. 

Conflict Resolutions for English  Language Learners
Designing Interactive Activities for the Young learner EFL Classroom
Digifolios and Personal Learning Spaces
Building a Professional ID in the 21st century 
Digital Storytelling in ELT Classrooms
The aim of this session is to show how to use Windows Movie Maker software while creating and editing videos; and at the end of the session participants will have the chance to create their own videos and publish them online.  
 Enhancing Lessons with Web 2.0
During the session, participants will create their own blogs and Web 2.0 instructional items, participate in asynchronous and live discussions, complete topic-specific readings, and develop a lesson plan applying web tools to a relevant teaching/learning context.  

EVO Video 09 Planning Video Projects
This session will help teachers of EFL/ESL develop lesson plans for video projects to use with their students of various levels. 


Exploring Images in the 21st Century Classroom
In this six-week online workshop, participants will be introduced to various online image manipulation tools and will learn how to effectively incorporate these resources into their teaching practices.

Internet for Beginners


Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments
Multiliterate individuals are aware of the pitfalls inherent in technology while striving for empowerment through effective strategies for first discerning and then taking advantage of those aspects of changing technologies most appropriate to their situations. These strategies include managing, processing, and interpreting a constant influx of information, filtering what is useful, and then enhancing the learning environment with the most appropriate applications. This course seeks to heighten awareness of these considerations, and to enable participants to explore ways of dealing with them in professional and interpersonal development as well as work with students.

NNEST: Networking Solutions for Professional Development
This is a discussion-based session about the issues facing Nonnative English Speaking Teachers (NNESTs) in TESOL. Meet the experts and renowned researchers in the field. Learn and Share. Let this EVO experience inspire change in your teaching career and make a difference!

 Teaching English through Drama: Dramatic Questions, Dramatic Answers
This session will focus on the questions raised by participants. Soliciting issues from members, the issues will be discussed in “threads.” Participants may join as many discussion threads as they feel able to handle.


Tips and Tricks for Online Teachers 2009
This workshop aims to provide online and blended-class teachers with tools and ideas for their classes. It will familiarize teachers with some of the advantages of online teaching. 

Virtual Worlds & Language Learning
This session will take a broad look at the current situation online by looking at organisations and individuals who are involved in language education in Second Life

What’s in the Library for ESL/EFL Students?
The library is no longer limited to 4 walls. Whether your students need to find reading material for pleasure or for classes, or to conduct research, the library is the place to start. This session will introduce teachers to ways that they can use the library and its resources with their ESL/EFL students.

To register go to their EVO wiki.


ExpoELE Comillas has just closed its Second Conference on Spanish Language.
More than 30 experts  attended this conference which offered a deep insight into the potential of the teaching of Spanish Language at the corporative, academic and educational fields.
The programme included a variety of interesting issues such as the role of Spanish as an internationalization factor at Tertiary education; Spanish as a business strategy for Business colleges; emerging markets for the Spanish language; innovation, ICT and challenges at the publishing industry.
There was special interest on the pedagogic possibilities of ICT means and resources. Experts from Instituto Cervantes (Juan) and   Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Gimeno) showed some of the pegagogical possiblilities introduced by new learning platforms (EVA) The wide range of possibilities interactive boards would bring to the class scene was introduced by , speaking from his experience in the United Kingdom where this hardware has been introduced in all schools.


Next week the presential part of the Spanish conference INTERNET EN EL AULA will take place simultaneusly in four differente cities: Santander, Madrid, Granada and Barcelona. I live in Santander, so I will be one of the priviliged who will be able to attend this first major event in our country.

Internet en el aula has been planned by all regional authorities with the sole intention to make the whole teaching community reflect and know about the wide range of possibilities that ICT brings to the average classroom.

You can already see the programmes for the different  presential conferences.


“Internet en el aula” is the first major event on the use of Internet for language teaching and learning in Spanish language. It was launched last April, 1st and will be on until October, 30th, with presential conferences in Barcelona, Granada and Madrid between June 26-28.

There will be on-line workshops and debates.

The EVO experience 08

Keeping in touch with other English teachers from all around the world is now possible thanks to on-line communities of practice. TESOL launches the

EVO conference each year, starting on January 14th  until February 24yh. More than 200 hundred participants in a unique event where teachers learn about new tools and technology practices. A must for all those who would like to start using Internet in their class for social cooperaton or collaboration.  At the Becoming a Webhead group you can learn about the many utilities for teaching and learning on line.