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EFL WEB EXPLORER: Christmas songs-lyrics and podcasts

Christmas songs and lyrics in the Argentinian site OM Personal

EFL Web explorer: Listening and tapescripts

Yaper is an excelent video tool for English students to see and understand videos at different levels. A community of people who upload video segments togetehr with their scripts.

It is interesting to see their introductory video to see the many possibilities you can make use of

LISTENING COMPREHENSION. A web classification for the practice of Listening comprehension for Intermediate to advanced students

37 selected sites to practice listening comprehension

The following websites have been selected for their good language quality and we  have classified them according to any of the following categories. As this is a blog entry, the update of this classification will be posted at the permanent page Improve your listening in my blog:

(1) News services
(2) Language Laboratories
(3) Teachers’ webs
(4) Organisations, both private or public

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One wonders if there is something new you can do on the World Wide Web.

I’d like to show you a site where you can listen to songs with subtitles. Good place for those whose natural intelligence resides on music. My English on line com encourages individual students to listen to a 10 minute’s piece of news or songs a day.

Angeles Hernandez
Computer Assisted Language Learning: Theoretical backup and practical issues



Isabel Pérez, whose website includes a nice collection of anyhthing you can imagine for the EFL class, has also a good collection of songs to be used in class. This page on her web includes a good list of songs, clicking on each title you will get a podcast , some exercise to be printed and used as hadouts with your classes and a Youtube video if available. I hope you like this choice.

I was also trying to start my own collection NIce English songs  when I came accross her page on her site. Nothing to compare with.

Angeles Hernandez
Computer Assisted Language Learning: Theoretical backup and practical issues




 It is nice to listen to a song in the English class. I have begun to collect some songs and lyrics I like in order to use them in my lessons. At the moment it is only songs and lyrics, maybe some day I can write my own exercises on them. If you happen to have suggestions for the use of some particular vocabulary or structures, please, drop me a line. Maybe we can do a good collection of English class songs. Just have a look