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ADVANCED LEVEL: Writing stories/Video

Watch the following video and do the writing task at the bottom of the post. After the video, read the information about narative tenses, connectors and adverbials.



Narative tenses:


Adverbial expressions in naration:


Writing task for my EOI students: Avanzado 1 EOI Santander

Watch the video and write the story in 175 words.


  • Organise your ideas properly, use a mind map or a time line.
  • Make use of narrative connectors.
  • Make good use of narative tenses.
  • Enlighten your narration with proper adverbs, and adverbial expressions.

Grammar for Basic Level


Some students have asked me to recommend them a grammar for Basic Level. There are a few grammars in the market, but Essential Grammar in Use Spanish edition with Answers and CD-ROM by Murphy and Garcia Clemente is a must. It offers Spanish examples, which come in helpful for the new students who don’t understand English and the grammar jargon yet.

Here I leave you a link where you can see the aspect of the book:


Ante la pregunta de los alumnos de Nivel Básico de qué libro puede estar bien para practicar la gramática, he seleccionado uno que me parece adecuado para el nivel y, además tiene explicaciones en español, de gran ayuda para los que aún no dominan la lengua inglesa ni el correspondiente argot gramatical.

Aquí os dejo un enlace donde podéis ver qué aspecto tiene esta gramática:

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