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If you are already an intermediate or advanced student and you like reading good literature, you might be a target audience for this site exclusively dedicated to literary work.

Red Room is the online home of many of the world’s greatest writers. It’s a place for the literary community to promote their work, express themselves, and connect with their favorite authors. The Red Room is a site where Teachers, Students and Researchers can get the most reliable author and book information on the web because their content is generated by the authors themselves.

You can see the full list of Red Room authors and even create your own Member Page.

On their “about” page they give us a hint about the site’s name:

“Red Room was named after both a place and a literary tradition. The famous Red Room of the White House is an extraordinary place where revolutionary behavior occurred in a small parlor. For example, when Franklin Roosevelt wouldn’t allow female reporters at his press conferences, Eleanor Roosevelt held her own press conferences at the same time for the women. The conferences were so popular that the male reporters started attending, and the President had no choice but to integrate his press conferences in order to get any attention. A tradition of civilized revolution on behalf of disenfranchised writers is carried on in the modern-day Red Room.

“The Red Room” is also the name of four different literary works of different genres, by very different authors, spanning a century. One of these works, written by H.G. Wells, is about confronting fear itself, alone in a small room-a relevant allegory for writers. Red evokes passion, action, and drama, providing the perfect backdrop for literary creation.


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