English: How to work with this blog?

During the first weeks this year we will do some practical work at the school’s lab in order to develop the necessary skills to work with this blog.

Español: ¿Cómo se trabaja con este blog?

Durante el presente curso los alumnos oficiales trabajarán con el blog para realizar prácticas de comprensión oral y escrita. Realizaremos unas sesiones de formación que tendrán lugar durante la primera quincena del curso.

Podeís descargar el programa de estas sesiones pinchando en CLASE 1.

3 responses to “TO MY STUDENTS

  1. Aurelia Puente Mazón

    Hannah and Jamie’ History
    Once upon a time, Hannah and her friends went to a disco to dance. They wanted to enjoy themselves because it was Hanna’s birthday. They didn’t like the music and they couldn’t dance. So, Hanna went to speak to the D J., “Today it is my birthday but I couldn’t to dance because this music is awful, she said. Could you play a beautiful music? Please. The D J smiled at her and said. I’m going to play a pretty music for you. She went with her friends and quickly Hannah started to listen to her favorite songs.
    Two hours later, when Hannah and her friends were going to leaveft the disco, the D J was waiting
    for Hannah at the door. “Hello, my name’s Jamie”, he said to Hanna. “Did you like the songs?”. Hannah told him “it’s the most beautiful music I have heard in my life. We are going for dinner, would you like to join accompany me and my friends?”, she said to Jamie. So, Jamie went to have dinner with them. Then, after dinner, Jamie asked Hannah her phone number and Hannah gave it to him.
    Another day, Jamie phoned Hannah. “Would you like to come to the cinema with me? “, Jamie asked Hannah. They went to see a romantic film and after that Jamie scorted Hannah at to her house. They spoke a lot on the way to Hannah’s house and very early they fell in love.
    Afterwards, they began to to go out every day in the afternoon, after Hannah finished her work and before Jamie started to work.
    One day, Hannah had to meet Jamie met in at a cafeteria with Jamie, She was driving her car. It was raining and she hit shocked a man but she didn’t see anybody, because she was in a hurry. When Hannah went into the cafeteria, Jamie wasn’t there. Hannah was waiting for one hour but Jemie didn’t arrive. So, she came back home to her house.
    Three hours later the police arrived at Hannah house, they knocked at her door and Hannah opened. Good evening, the police told, Hannah was frightened. She asked.”Is anything wrong bad?” The police told her, we need to speak to you. You are the girlfriend of Jamie King?Jamie King’s girlfriend?” ” Yes” answered Hannah. “Is he well?” Has anything something bad happened? She was panic-striken.

    Aurelia Puente Mazón

  2. Aurelia Puente Mazón

    Tere, my sister.
    She’s my favorite sister. She’s 56 and the fitth of my siblings. She’s a housewife, although, she’s a chemical, she studied chemistry 35 years ago in Valladolid. She didn’t work out her house. She only looks after her children and her husband. She’s a very good cook and she has a wonderful and clean house, also, she looks after her garden and she sometimes plants delicious vegetables. She likes a lot the irrigated region of Valencia.
    She’s tall, slim and a beautiful and funny woman.
    She has a wonderful smile and very nice eyes.
    She’s intelligent,cultured, educated and very kind and frienly.
    She was living with me when she was children
    and teenager, she studied in teresianas college
    before she was going to Valladolid University.

    Nopuedo seguir son la 1.30

  3. Aurelia Puente Mazón

    Continuation and correction.

    she studied in Teresianas college before going to Valladolid University, after she finished her course, she met Ricardo and they fell in love, so.two years later they got married, and four years after, she had three children too.
    Now, that her children are older, she likes to travel with her husban, but she didn’t go very far, because she has panic to travel by plane.

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