Grammar practice for Upper-Intermediate

Scroll down and check all the possibilities before you make your choice


The Centre for Independent Language Learning: A self-asses platform from the Polytecnic University of Hong Kong.





·Guide to Grammar and Writing

Activities for ESL students at

·Online English Grammar

·Upper-Intermediate exercises

·410 Grammar topics (grammar practicefor intermediate students by the University of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).

·Level 490 materials (some cloze tests and reading practice)

·Level 570 materials

·English Exercises on-line

·ESL BLUESPre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English

·Natural English book. Grammar practice on-line for upper-intermediate


SELF ACCESS CORNER (Intermediate practice)

I have just explored Self Access Corner a web-site developed by Olga Godoy for intermediate students. It is worth paying a visit if you are a teacher or a student involved in self access learning using the World Wide Web.




Some webs with their own selection of grammar exercises:





Webs with grammatical points for upper intermediate (Indexed by alphabetical order)


Conditional sentences:

·Some exercises prepared by Maribel González

Pasive voice:

· exercises prepared by Maribel González



Reported speech:


·Cambios en los tiempos verbales

·Reporting statements

·Reporting questions .

·Test practice

·Some exercises prepared by Maribel González


Phrasal Verbs:


·50 Phrasal Verbs [break, call, do & get]

·50 Phrasal Verbs [give, go & look]

·50 Phrasal Verbs [make, put & take]

·50 Phrasal Verbs (a choice): Crossword

·Phrasal Verb Dispenser (Shockwave required)

·Jumbled Phrasal Verbs

·Phrasal Verbs Hangman

·Phrasal Verbs: separable or non-separable?

·More phrasal verbs


Verb Patterns:


·Infinitives or gerunds: Some exercises prepared by Maribel González



INTERNET ADVANCED ENGLISH PRACTICE: Exercises and examination practice.

·Karin’s ESL PartyLand

·World English

·Grammar, rephrasings, a little vocabulary

·Interactive rephrasings

·Word Building exercises

·The FCE Trainer

·Vocabulary tests which are corrected on line at



·Many interactive Cloze tests at The Half-Baked Interactive Exercises [last visited 20/05/08]. Check the following examples:

·Cloze tests also at [last visited 20/05/08]

·Cloze tests at UNRESTRICTEDAREA.COM, Matthew Furfine’s website[last visited 20/05/08]



·Rephrasings at Self-Access corner, a website by Maria Godoy. It gives you the solutions to the exercises. Check the many aexercises on the left-side bar.







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