Phonetics and Pronunciation

“Fonetiks was originally conceived in 2000 as a response to new visa restrictions which made it increasingly difficult for some English language learners to come to study English in the USA, Britain and Australia. Fonetiks enabled these language learners to study native speaker pronunciation without leaving their homes, merely by mousing over the text on their computer screens”

  • SHIPORSHEEP.COM is a web to pratice pronunciation through minimal pairs
  • DICTATIONS ON LINE is a web with dictations read by native speakers. Each dictation is read four times. The list of dictations available is organised in language levels.
  • The TONGUE TWISTER DATABASE helps teachers and students alike find some practice on tongue twisters, althouh it does not provide the podcast for each pactice.
  • Phonetic Focus App.
  • Homophones. At you can do visual practice with homophones.

The English pronunciation system

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