The Grammar Lab (Elementary/Intermediate)

What is the English Grammar Lab?

  • It is a collection of useful webs to practise grammar points with interactive games (traditional lab exercises which can be used to practise you English individually or together in a class with a projector).

  • The sites indexed on this page have been designed with a focus-on-form goal in mind, using different authoring tools.

  • They are useful for self-access, since they provide you with the correct answer.

Terms of cataloguing and use

  • All the webs included have free access to their exercises.
  • Our catalog starts with three comprehensive websites with a wide scope of gramatical practice. We will include gradually those webs we consider useful for learners.
  • As we try to avoid commercial sites, you may not find some of your favorite, we make some exceptions when a site is really worth a visit.
  • There won’t be links to the individual exercises, only a list to their content. Instead, we hope you access the web itself, not to infringe copyright or be evasive about real authoring.
  • I hope you like this assortment of nice language practice recipes.

List of websites

A, An, The or Nothing [Flash]
Quiz Show – A, An or Nothing [Java]
A, An or Nothing [JavaScript]

Pronouns [JavaScript]

Prepositions [Flash]
Prepositions – Multiple-choice
Prepositions – Type in the Answer
Prepositions – Fill-in

What’s the Correct Verb Form #1 [Flash]
What’s the Correct Verb Form #2 [Flash]
What’s the Correct Verb Form #3 [Flash]
What Is the Correct Form of the Verb?
How to See America (Verb Form Quiz)
“Doing” or “To Do” [Flash]
Choose the Correct Form of the Verb [JavaScript]
Choose the Correct Verb Form [JavaScript]
Go, Goes, Going, Went or Gone
Swim, Swims, Swimming, Swam or Swum #1 [JavaScript]
Swim, Swims, Swimming, Swam or Swum #2 [Flash]
What’s the Correct Verb Form? – Multiple-choice [JavaScript]
What’s the Correct Verb Form? – Fill-in [JavaScript]

Verb Conjugation
Irregular Verbs – Quiz 1
Irregular Verbs – Quiz 2
Irregular Verbs – Quiz 3
Irregular Verbs – Quiz 4
Common Irregular Verbs – 3 Forms
Common Irregular Verbs – 5 Forms [JavaScript]

Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs [JavaScript]

Comparisons [JavaScript]

Word Order
What’s the Correct Word Order? [JavaScript]

What’s the Correct Word Order? #2

Question Words [JavaScript]

Countable & Uncountable Nouns
Countable or Non-Countable Nouns [JavaScript]

Sentence Equivalents
Sentence Equivalents [Flash]

Various / Assorted
Some English Grammar Questions [Flash]
32-Multiple-choice Questions [Flash]
Multiple-choice Grammar Questions [Flash]
Super Quiz Machine [JavaScript & CGI]
Different questions are chosen every time you load this quiz.

  • Self Access corner by Olga Gody helps you practise ver uses, and other grammatical points.
  • Better Englishoffers free online exercises and quizzes as well as a mailing list for teachers and students. The grammar load is divided into 13 units.
  • NetGrammarby Ned Quesada offers grammar lessons through listening (including online audio), reading, and writing activities with lots of follow-up practice exercises. The grammar load is divided into 13 units which cover the following topics:

· Nice to meet you!

· Types of Sentences

· Count and Noncount Nouns

· Singular and Plural

· Determiners and Adjectives

· Present Time

· Past Time

· Future Time

· Passive Voice

· Adjective Clauses & Phrases

· Degree

· Verbals

· Noun Clauses & Reported Speech

· Present, Future, & Past Perfect

· Conditional Sentences

· Present Continuous

· Present Simple

· Present Simple or Continuous

· Past Simple

· Past Continuous

· Past Simple or Continuous

· Irregular Verbs

· Present Perfect

· Present Perfect Continuous

· Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous

· Present Perfect or Past Simple

· Past Perfect

· Past Perfect Continuous

· Past Review 1

· Past Review 2

· The Future – Going to

· The Future – Will

· Will or Going to

· The Future – present forms

· Will – other uses

· Shall

· The Imperative

· The Passive

· The -ing form

· Can

· Could

· May/Might

· Should

· Should 2

· Must /Have to

· Zero Conditional

· First Conditional

· Second Conditional

· Third Conditional

· Wish

· Had better

· Used to

· Questions 1

· Questions 2

· Question tags

· Reported speech

· Reported speech 2

· Suppose

· Suppose 2

· Have something done

· Should have

· Can have / could have

· Will be doing

· Will have done

  • Hot potatoes is a site developed by Michel Barbot with a collection of self-asses exercises which were distributed under the following content:


3 DP-CAP-Bac pro

The English speaking world

Grammar & pronunciation


Irregular verbs

Numerals, dates & time

Exam papers – bep / bac pro

Computer literacy

Listening 1

Listening 2 Movie sounds

Hot Potatoes homepage

Grammar Explanations



Conditional sentences – if

Gerund and Infinitive

Modal Auxiliaries


Passive Voice

Phrasal Verbs





Reported Speech




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