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Real English Video Lessons

Real English Video Lessons


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Useful Learning tools: Text to speech


Write your text and let the reader read it in English, French, German, Italian or Arabic. Good idea to prepare your presentations or listening comprehension. You can also get an audio mp3 file with the reading. Click on the image to go to the site.

ESL listening comprehension – Spoken English/pronunciation practice tests

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ESL listening comprehension – Spoken English/pronunciation practice tests | Designed to improve your ability to understand spoken English (ESL listening comprehension – Spoken English/pronunciation practice tests…

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ADVANCED LEVEL: Writing stories/Video

Watch the following video and do the writing task at the bottom of the post. After the video, read the information about narative tenses, connectors and adverbials.



Narative tenses:


Adverbial expressions in naration:


Writing task for my EOI students: Avanzado 1 EOI Santander

Watch the video and write the story in 175 words.


  • Organise your ideas properly, use a mind map or a time line.
  • Make use of narrative connectors.
  • Make good use of narative tenses.
  • Enlighten your narration with proper adverbs, and adverbial expressions.

Fun Easy English – American English Pronunciation lesson 1.

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Fun Easy English – Learn English online for free, classroom, pronunciation, grammar, idioms, slang, reductions, contractions, conversation, alphabet writing, videos, student newsletter, teacher newsletter, activities, tv, radio, tests, surveys,…

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engVid · Learn English for Free

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Learn English for free with hundreds of video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers. English Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, IELTS, TOEFL, writing, and more.

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