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EFL WEB EXPLORER: Free pictures and Power Point templates

Following my English course on web 2.0. some people seemed interested in sites where they could get free pictures and resources for their class blogs. We were speaking about Creative Commons and waht you could do with the sites which have this licence.

I showed them the way to get free pictures, using Flicker.

Another nice place for Primary school teachers is Pete’s Power Point Station, with a collection of slide shows. I also suggested having a look at those templates in Brain Betty’s .


Highly interesting is the site that Elvira Barrios introduces at the Xing Community Internet en el Aula.

It is basically a tool for Spanish teachers of bilingual areas who would like to learn and be able to use the English class language and instructions.

The Spanish name of the site, Sistema de Apoyo al Uso Funcional del Inglés en el Aula Bilingüe SAUFIAB (Supporting system for the Functional use of English at the Bilingual Classroom), describes the functionality of this online language lab.

Different functions are covered throughout the 9 units in which the system is divided: language for social purposes, providing feedback, general movement, grouping students, working with materials, working with resources, developing skills, questioning and control and discipline.

We strongly recommend a visit. It may last a little to download, but then it works fast.