Expresión escrita

Welcome to the Writing Exchange A1

Writing tasks:

1. Write YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE: Name, surname, nationality , address, job, family

2. Write about your routine during the week: What do you usually do? In the morning? In the afternoon? In the evening?

2. Write about YOUR WEEKEND: What do you usually do? In the morning? In the afternoon? In the evening?

3. Write about YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR  NEXT HOLIDAY: What are you going to do? Where are you going? Who are you going with?

4. Write about YOUR TOWN: Where is it? Are there many people? Are there much traffic? Where do you live? Do you live in the city centre or outside Santander?

5. Write about YOUR HOUSE: Is it a big house or a small house? How many rooms are there in your house? How many bathrooms? Do you have a big kitchen or a samll kitchen?

6. Write about YOUR CAR:  What is it like? What make is it? Is it fast or slow? IS it comfortable?

7. Write about YOUR LAST HOLIDAY: Where you go? Where did you stay? Who did you go with? What did you eat?

8. Write about YOUR FAMILY: Are you single or married? Do you have any children? How old are your children?

9. Write A BIOGRAPHY ABOUT A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY: Where he/she was born, where he lived. Did he/she get married? Did he/she go to school/university? What did he/she do? Do you remember him/her? Why?

3 responses to “Expresión escrita

  1. Rafael Ortiz Imedio (M y J)

    Hi Ángeles,
    My name´s Rafael. I am 16 years old. I was born in al little town in Almeria, called Huércal-Overa. My father is from Madrid and my mother from Pamplona. They met in Pamplona when they were doing the degree of Medicine. I´ve got three brothers and two sisters, all of them older. They were born in Granada. When I was three, we moved to Lorca, another town in Murcia, until I was seven. After that we moved definitely to Santander. I´m studying first of high school at the institute Leonardo Torres Quevedo.
    Physically, I´m of medium height, I´ve got short brown hair and green eyes, and I use lens of contact, because I prefer them to wear glasses.
    I think I´m a patient person and hard-working. I´m also friendly and a bit shy, because I´m not very talkative, so I´m good listener.
    In my free time I love doing sports, like playing tennis and volley-ball. I like listening to music, especially a type of music called “indie” and rock, and watching films and American TV series in English, of course!
    Thanks for your attention,

  2. Take two photographs of your town, one taken in the 50’s and one taken today. Compare them.
    In the 50’s there weren’t many hotels and today there are a lot of hotels. In the 50’s there were boats on the beach and today there aren’t any boats. In the 50’s there wasn’t a theme park and today there is one. In the 50’s there weren’t any skyscrapers and today there are a lot.
    In the 50’s there was a small village, there weren’t any tourists, today there are many restaurants, there are many retired people in winter. Today there is a big marina.

  3. MY MOTHER (Biography)

    My mother was born in Burgos in 1942.Her name was Mª Angeles, but everybody called her Lines.
    She had four brothers, and she was the youngest.
    She studied at a religious school. When she finished school she worked in an aironmonger’s. She left her work when she was married.
    She had three children: two sons and a daughter.
    In 1970 she arrived in Santander.
    She was a housewife, and she helped in an old people’s home the last years of her life.
    She died in 2003 of cancer.

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