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Discovery is a teaching and learning platform with  plenty of video resources, lesson plans, worksheets and tutorials. Some resources are free, like the videos and worksheets at the HOME RESOURCES section where kids can learn numbers and number operations Science, English, or topics realted to Social Studies. There are also some free authoring tools available which let teachers edit their own puzzles and games for class use.

 Other services require  a fee registration. However, you can try the 30 day trial period. I liked the way the videoteque was organised and the possibilities to edit your own lesson plan and share other teachers’ plans. It’s worth a visit.


ExpoELE Comillas has just closed its Second Conference on Spanish Language.
More than 30 experts  attended this conference which offered a deep insight into the potential of the teaching of Spanish Language at the corporative, academic and educational fields.
The programme included a variety of interesting issues such as the role of Spanish as an internationalization factor at Tertiary education; Spanish as a business strategy for Business colleges; emerging markets for the Spanish language; innovation, ICT and challenges at the publishing industry.
There was special interest on the pedagogic possibilities of ICT means and resources. Experts from Instituto Cervantes (Juan) and   Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Gimeno) showed some of the pegagogical possiblilities introduced by new learning platforms (EVA) The wide range of possibilities interactive boards would bring to the class scene was introduced by , speaking from his experience in the United Kingdom where this hardware has been introduced in all schools.